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CPER Digital Archive

CPER Digital Archive

The Digital Archive cd and dvd start with CPER Journal Issue 1, February 1968, with an analysis of the newly enacted Meyers-Milias-Brown Act, and go through CPER No. 178, June 2006. While the CPER website, offers access to CPER from June 2004 to the final issue in March 2013, the disks offer CPER research material not available online, including CPER's Public Employment Relations Board summaries from No. 1 to 1835. Each disk is word searchable.

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Digital Intelligence for the Public Sector

The CPER Digital Archive

  • CD: PERB DECISIONS: CPER summaries of PERB decisions No. 1-1835 from CPER Journal issues 1-178. $60

  • DVD: CPER JOURNAL and PERB DECISIONS: Get both the CPER summaries of PERB decisions No. 1-1835, PLUS CPER back issues, No.1-178 (including Indexes and Special Reporting Series). Each data base can be searched separately. $140

BOTH DISKS are searchable by multiple keywords and boolean queries. Have 36 years of public sector bargaining history and case law at your fingertips.

Instructions for searching the DVD PDF
Instructions for searching the CD PDF