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By Irma Rodriguez Moisa, Nate Kowalski, and Lisa M. Carrillo In the wake of the economic recession that rocked the country over the past few years, cities and counties have searched for ways to trim their budgets. Because a significant proportion of a public entity’s funds are dedicated to personnel costs, solutions have ranged from … Read more

By Sabrina Thomas   Since the new year began, the phone has been ringing off the hook. Anxious clients are calling because they are not quite sure how to handle employment situations for retired annuitants. Given the continuing fiscal pressures on public agencies, many are being forced to consider rehiring these retirees — and part … Read more

The inevitable  fights over the scope and legality of the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act are breaking out all over California. Some unions and affected employees have gone to court. Others are trying to gain the sympathy of legislators or the federal government. Transit Union Legislation PEPRA improperly restricts pension bargaining rights, say California transit … Read more

When SEIU Local 1021 came to the bargaining table last year with a proposal to raise pay in classifications the union thought were paid less than in the surrounding labor market, the City and County of San Francisco agreed to set up a labor-management committee to study pay equity claims. But, the contract allows the … Read more

Letter From the Editor

Posted on March, 2013

Dear CPER Readers, Production of the Journal has been suspended indefinitely. Past issues of the Journal are now open to all.  

Online education is the newest thing in higher ed, as colleges and universities try to teach more students with less state financial support. Governor Brown’s budget proposes $10 million in state funding to both the University of California and the California State University to expand online course offerings. The state legislative analyst thinks the expenditure … Read more

PERB Activity Report

Posted on March, 2013

The following report was submitted by the Public Employment Relations Board   ALJ PROPOSED DECISIONS Sacramento Regional Office — Final Decisions No final decisions were issued during the period of December 1, 2012-February 28, 2013.   Oakland Regional Office — Final Decisions American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Loc. 3299 v. Regents of … Read more

Assembly Member Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina) introduced a bill in February that would protect communications between a union representative and a represented employee, similarly to the way attorney-client communications are privileged. AB 729 would define a union agent as a person “employed or elected by a labor organization and whose duties include the representation of … Read more

As reported in the last issue of CPER, the Los Angeles Unified School District and its teachers union, United Teachers Los Angeles, came to a tentative agreement last November regarding teacher evaluations. On January 19, 66 percent of the 16,892 union members who voted ratified the agreement, and the school board approved it on February … Read more

The tension between those who call themselves “education reformers” and organizations that represent teachers that has been building for years broke out into an expensive, hard-fought fight in the Los Angeles Unified School District’s board election earlier this month. Big money came pouring in from as far away as New York City in an attempt … Read more

The Public Employment Relations Board’s decision to initiate factfinding in the context of any local government bargaining impasse — not just full contract negotiations — has sparked a battle over the interpretation of the new mandatory factfinding provisions of the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act. The San Diego Housing Commission has taken the question to court, arguing that … Read more

Protect Our Benefits, an organization representing retired employees of the City and County of San Francisco, may sue the city directly without requesting the attorney general’s permission, the AG has decided. One of POB’s claims challenges the substance of charter amendments that limit supplemental cost-of-living adjustments. The other allegation relates to the failure to obtain … Read more