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Subscription FAQs

FAQ’s for the CPER Journal

How to subscribe*

1) Go to http://cper.berkeley.edu/journal and click on the word “SUBSCRIBE” in red on the left side of the page.

  1. If paying with a credit card, click on the green-colored tab, “Select Plan,” that best describes your work environment. In most cases subscribers should select the Institutional plan. The Individual plan applies to those subscribers not associated with an agency, department, law firm, association, library, etc. Institutional subscriptions allow online access for one to five readers. Individual subscriptions apply only to sole practitioners, arbitrators, or anyone not associated with a group of two or more. Credit card subscriptions become active once a Master address and at least one “user” address (Institutional or Individual) is entered.
  2. If paying by check, click on the words “Pay by Check” and fill out the online forms completely. Your  subscription will become active once we receive your check.
  3. When providing email addresses for online access/users, please also provide each person’s first and last name.

*If your subscription lapsed before 6/30/11, you must “renew” as a new subscriber, providing all information requested to set up your account.

IMPORTANT: Before exiting the site, fill out each online form completely, advancing to the next page until you’ve filled out all the forms.


  1. Usernames are necessary to access your account. Each account has a Master/administrative Username (the primary contact for your account), as well as Usernames for online users/readers. The Master Username does not automatically have online access to the Journal but will be included if it is listed as one of the five online users. Institutional accounts may have up to five online users.
  2. Master/administrative Username – This is your account’s administrative Username  and would be most useful if it identified your account as well as survived personnel changes. The Master Username cannot be changed easily so create wisely. For instance, CPERCirculation would be more practical than sharonam@berkeley.edu as an account’s primary Username. If a Master Username was created for you and you do not know it, please request that information at cperservices@berkeley.edu.
  3. Usernames for online access (i.e., viewing current and past issues of CPER Journal) are most often the reader’s email address, and, as such, are easier to remember. In this case, sharonam@berkeley.edu would be the Username.
  4. For online access to CPER Journal, provide one to five email addresses along with first and last names in the box marked “access.” Or send the list of names to cperservices@berkeley.edu. A CPER account representative will complete the setup once payment is verified.
  5. You may change Usernames at any time by sending the new and old Username, along with first and last names, to cperservices@berkeley.edu. Identify your account with the Master Username, if possible.
  6. We welcome your questions. Contact us at cperservices@berkeley.edu or call 510.643.7093.


How to log on to your account

Go to http://cper.berkeley.edu/journal. Enter your Username and password in the boxes on the left side of the page.

If you do not know your password, click on “Lost your password?” and create a new password.

If you do not know your Username for online access, request assistance at cperservices@berkeley.edu.
Hint: Your email address is likely to be your Username.