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Pocket Guide to the Ralph C. Dills Act

By Fred D'Orazio, Kristin Rosi and Howard Schwartz, and David Villalba
3rd edition, 2013

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This guide provides a thorough description of the Dills Act – how it works, its history, and how it fits in with other labor relations laws. Also included are Public Employment Relations Board enforcement procedures, the text of the act, and a summary of all key cases that interpret the act, with complete citations and references to CPER analyses. In addition, there is a summary of PERB rules and regulations, a case index, and a glossary of terms designed for Dills Act users.

Since the 2006 edition, the Governor’s reorganization plan has created a new Department of Human Resources that took over the responsibilities of the Department of Personnel Administration and limited the role of the State Personnel Board. This new pocket guide edition summarizes over 60 PERB and court decisions that have issued since 2006 – cases that develop and clarify areas of the law such as interference and discrimination, duty to bargain, scope of bargaining, impasse resolution, protected activity, PERB jurisdiction and procedures, and unilateral action, among others.


Part I: Introduction       1
    A. History of California Labor Relations Laws   2
    B. Excluded Employees Bill of Rights Act Summary   5
    C. Dills Act: Summary and Commentary   7
         PERB   9
         Representation   10
         Scope of Representation   11
         Unfair Practices   12
         Organization Security   13
         Impasse, Expired Agreements and Strikes   14
         Legislative Approval   17
         Access and Other Organizational Rights   18
         Public Notice   19

Part II: The Ralph C. Dills Act      20

Part III: Major PERB and Court Decisions     45
    A. Access, Union Right to   46
    B. Agreements and Contracts   48
    C. Arbitration of Grievances   50
    D. Dills Act/Constitutional Conflicts   51
    E. Discrimination for, or Interference With, Protected Activity   52
    F. Domination of, or Interference With, Union   58
    G. Dues Deduction   60
    H. Duty of Fair Representation   61
    I. Duty to Bargain in Good Faith   65
    J. Election Objections   72
    K. Employee Organization   73
    L. Exclusive Representative, Certification or Decertification Elections   73
    M. Fair Share   75
    N. Furloughs   80
    O. Impasse Resolution Procedures   80
    P. Internal Union Matters   82
    Q. Protected Activity   84
    R. Public Employment Relations Board Jurisdiction   86
    S. Public Employment Relations Board Procedure   91
    T. Public Notice (“Sunshine Law”)   96
    U. Right to Information   96
    V. Representation Rights   97
    W. Scope of Bargaining   100
    X. Strikes and Job Actions   103
    Y. Unilateral Action   107
    Z. Unit Determination   112

Part IV: PERB Regulations and Sources of Information       115
    A. PERB Regulations   115
         General Provisions   115
         Unfair Practices   116
         Injunctions   117
         Representation Procedures   117
         Impasse Resolution   118
         Agency Shop   118
    B. Sources of Information on PERB   119

Part V: Glossary of Terms       121
Part VI: Table of Cases       133
Part VII: Index of Terms       137