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CPER Pocket Guides Invoices & Receipts


To obtain a receipt for Pocket Guide orders:

  1. Click here, and you will be taken to the Order page.

  2. On the Order page, directly below the heading, it says:
    Order Items • Shopping Cart • Order Status • Help(FAQs) • Log Out
    Click on “Order Status

  3. On the Order Status page, fill in either your order ID or the email of the person to whom the order was shipped, and click “Continue

  4. On the following page, click on the order number on the left side of the line that is shown. A receipt of your transaction (an invoice) will appear on the next page for you to print for your records



If you placed an order online with a credit card, your receipt will appear after you hit the "Submit" button. You may print this page for your records.

If you faxed or mailed your order form and provided an email address, you will receive an email confirmation that includes your Order ID. Use this number to track information on the status of your order.