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Local Government

Specific to California Local Government Employees and Employers.

Pocket Guide to the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act

(2016, 16th Edition)


by Bonnie G. Bogue, Marla Taylor, Carol Vendrillo, and Eric Borgerson (updated by Tim Yeung). The MMBA in a nutshell, a quick guide through the tangle of cases affecting local government employer-employee relations.

Useful for California Local Government Employers and Employees and others.


Pocket Guide to Workplace Investigations (2016, 1st edition)


by Carmen Plaza de Jennings and Jayne Benz Chipman. Best practices for a full and fair workplace investigation! This guide provides the legal and logistical framework for conducting an investigation – from inception to finish – for both public and private workplaces, nationally.

Pocket Guide to Workplace Rights of Public Employees (2016, 4th edition)

Print edition $27.00
eBook edition $14.99

by Bonnie G. Bogue and Liz Joffe (updated by Michael McGill). The constitutional and statutory rights afforded public employees in California – state, local government, and school employees.

Pocket Guide to the Basics of Labor Relations

by Rhonda Albey. Both union leaders and new managers with labor relations and bargaining responsibilities will get their bearings in the labor relations environment and learn to succeed in the initial stages of a rewarding line of work.

Pocket Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act (2017, 4th edition)


by Cathleen A. Williams and Edmund K. Brehl. (Updated by Brian Walter; reviewed by Christopher Platten.) Focuses on the act's impact in the public sector workplace and explains the law's complicated provisions, like the "salary basis" test and deductions for partial-day absences.

Pocket Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Acts (2015, 5th Edition)


by Peter J. Brown. A "user friendly" guide to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 and the California Family Rights Act of 1993. The rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees under each of the statutes are discussed.

Pocket Guide to the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act (2017, 3rd Edition)


by Kerianne Steele. A guide to the complex law that took effect January 1, 2013. PEPRA applies to all state and local retirement systems and to their participating employers.

Pocket Guide to Disability Discrimination in the California Workplace (2015, 3rd Edition)


by M. Carol Stevens et al. Comparison of the two basic laws that remedy discrimination encountered by disabled employees: the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act, with additional information on other laws that protect disabled workers.

Pocket Guide to Workers' Compensation in California: Public and Private Sectors (2014, 2nd Edition)


by Juliann Sum (updated by John Holstedt and Eric Ledger). An overview of the law and procedure, and a summary of citations to applicable statutes, regulations, and precedent cases.

Pocket Guide to the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act (2016, 16th Edition)


by Cecil Marr, Diane Marchant (updated by Chris Gaspard and Richard Kreisler.) The procedural rights and protections surrounding peace officer investigations and discipline.

Pocket Guide to the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act (2017, 4th Edition)


by J.Scott Tiedemann, reviewed by Christopher Platten. The definitive reference to the procedural rights and protections governing firefighter investigations and discipline.

Pocket Guide to Factfinding (2016, 2nd Edition)


by M. Carol Stevens, Janae Novotny, and Janet Cory Sommer. Covers the statutory requirements, recommends best practices, and provides the practical basics of factfinding.

Pocket Guide to Due Process in Public Employment (2016, 4th Edition)


by Emi Uyehara (updated by Margot Rosenberg and Kate Hallward). An explanation of one of the most significant constitutional guarantees to citizens in general and to public employees in particular, the guide defines who is protected, what actions are covered, what process is due, remedies for violations, and more.

Pocket Guide to Unfair Practices: California Public Sector (2013, 5th Edition)


by Carol Vendrillo and Eric Borgerson. A guide to unfair practices created by state laws covering public school, state, higher education, local government, trial court, court interpreter, and LAMTA employees.

Pocket Guide to Just Cause: Discipline and Discharge Arbitration (2010, 1st Edition)


by Bonnie Bogue and Katherine Thomson. Helps participants understand just cause requirements, and prepare for arbitration and civil service hearings.

Pocket Guide to Public Sector Arbitration: California (2015, 4th Edition)


by Bonnie G. Bogue, Frank Silver and Katherine Thomson. An explanation of every step in the arbitration process – from filing a grievance to judicial review of arbitration awards.

Pocket Guide to Public Sector Mediation in California (2015, 2nd Edition)


by Gerald Fecher. Learn how the mediation process differs among public employees depending on the governing statute, with an outline of those differences and an explanation of how the process typically works.