Covid-19 resources will be added as they are submitted.

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Recently added to the COVID-19 informational online video series by attorneys at the labor and employment law firm of Weinberg Roger & Rosenfeld, representing labor unions and their members: “Mask Wearing Rules for Workers with Bill Sokol.” Other videos that can be viewed on their website at no charge include “EEOC Says No COVID-19 Discrimination” and “Unemployment Benefits for Independent Contractors, Gig Workers, Self-Employed and Part-Timers.”  Visit under Covid-19 Information.


The professional organization dedicated to the growth of California public sector and nonprofit human resources professionals, CalGovHR, is offering the webinar series “Leading HR Through COVID-19,” at no cost to all public agency and nonprofit organizations. For more information on this and their townhall meetings, visit


The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) at UC Berkeley has a list of COVID-19 Financial Relief Resource for California Workers., under “IRLE researchers respond to COVID-19.”


The UC Berkeley Labor Center at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) has compiled resource lists for understanding new COVID-19 federal legislation and federal and state policy and assistance available to those affected by the pandemic. They will continue to review and update these pages with information on new COVID-19 legislation, regulations, analysis, and tools.


Governor Newsom announced  new initiatives to support California workers impacted by COVID-19.  A direct link to the initiatives and other resources can be found on the website of the labor law firm of Weinberg Roger & Rosenfeld at


The employment law firm of Liebert Cassidy Whitmore has developed a COVID-19 strike team and is publishing special bulletins and alerts almost daily.  The landing page for  these updates is at


The  labor and employment law firm of Atkinson Andelson Loya Ruud and Romo is providing guidance to public employers through its regular information alerts and webinars designed to navigate the complicated labor and employment issues arising from the pandemic.  These can be found at


A whole host of resources are available on the website of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, in both English and Spanish, at  The site also includes links to additional resources for employers and workers from the Labor & Workforce Development Agency at, and video resources for homeowners and renters.


The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Servicehas started letting labor arbitrators designate whether they are able/willing to host hearings via videoconference. Parties wishing to hold hearings via videoconference are encouraged to do so. More information is at


Due to the State’s stay-at-home order for the COVID-19 emergency, no on-site mediation work will be performed by the  State Mediation and Conciliation Service until further notice. Some, but not all issues are conducive to videoconference mediation efforts. This can be explored with the assigned mediator, otherwise, casework will be postponed until the SMCS staff is able to travel again. General questions may be sent by email to, by phone to (916) 322-7638. Questions related to mediation requests already in process at SMCS can be directed to the assigned mediators.


Below are U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statements and resources regarding COVID-19.  For any questions regarding public information or outreach for EEOC in Northern CA,  contact Linda Li at or 415-314-4349.

The National Academy of Arbitrators has put together resources for arbitrators and parties who are interested in learning about how to do a videoconferenced arbitration. Currently, there is a primer on the website, but within a few days there will be more available.