Pocket Guide to the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (16th ed., 2016)


By Bonnie G. Bogue, Carol Vendrillo, Marla Taylor, and Eric Borgerson
Revised by Timothy G. Yeung
16th edition, 2016

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A valuable reference and training tool, for anyone who needs to understand the basic rights and obligations conferred by the statute covering local government: cities, counties, and most special districts.

The guide provides a description of the MMBA, detailing the Act’s major provisions; the text of the MMBA, including all amendments in effect as of August 1, 2016; a summary of the rules and procedures promulgated by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to administer the Act, as well as some sources of information about how PERB exercises its authority; a guide to the major decisions by the courts and the board interpreting the Act, arranged by subject; a glossary of labor relations terms; a table of PERB and court decisions interpreting the MMBA; and an index of terms used throughout the guide.

Table of Contents


I.  Introduction 1
   A. Overview of California Labor Relations Laws 2
   B. History of the Statutory Enactments 4
   C. Summary of the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act 7
       1. Adoption of Local Rules 7
       2. Recognition of Employee Organizations 9
       3. Bargaining Unit Determination 10
       4. Organizational Security 12
       5. PERB’s Jurisdiction 15
       6. Collective Bargaining 17
       7. Dispute Settlement 19
       8. Organizational Rights 24
       9. Employee Rights 28
       10. Unfair Practices 29
   D. The MMBA and the Courts 33
   E. The MMBA and Other Acts 35
II. Statutes 36
    A. Meyers-Milias- Brown Act 36
    B. Code of Civil Procedure Sections Addressing Binding Arbitration 60
    C. Firefighters, Labor Code 68
    D. State Labor Policy, Labor Code 69
III. PERB Regulations 70
    A. General Regulations 70
    B. Deference to Local Rules on Representational Matters 70
    C. Summary of PERB Regulations 71
    D. Sources of Information on PERB 75
IV. Major MMBA Court Decisions and Rulings of the Public Employment Relations Board 77
    A. Agency Shop 78
    B. Arbitration and Delegation of Governing Body’s Authority to Arbitrator 82
    C. Discrimination or Retaliation for, or Interference With, Protected Union Activity 84
    D. Duty to Bargain (Meet and Confer) in Good Faith 85
    E. Employee and Organizational Rights 91
    F. Employer Domination of, or Interference with, Exclusive Representative 92
    G. Impasse Resolution Procedures 92
    H. Local Agency Rules 94
    I. Memoranda of Understanding, Agreements 95
    J. MMBA Preemption of Labor Relations 96
    K. Public Employment Relations Board Procedure 98
    L. Representation 102
    M. Scope of Bargaining 104
    N. Strikes 109
    O. Units 112
V. Glossary for MMBA Users 114
VI. Table of Cases 126
VII. Index of Terms 139

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