Pocket Guide to Layoff Rules Affecting Certificated Employees (2018)


By Dale Brodsky
(January 2018)

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This guide contains important information for certificated employees and their employers who are facing or contemplating layoffs. Chapters cover permissive grounds for layoff; employees subject to layoff procedures; timing and process; selections for layoff; preferred right of reemployment; status during layoff; return to work after layoff; and dismissal and non-reelection during layoff. Also included are pertinent Education Code citations.

Table of Contents


I.  Layoff of Certificated Service 1
   A. Grounds for Layoff 1
   B. Employees Subject to Layoff Procedures 2
   C. Timing and Process 3
   D. Selections for Layoff 5
       1. “Bumping” 5
       2. “Skipping” 6
       3. Administrators 8
   E. Preferred Right of Reemployment 8
   F. Status During Layoff 9
   F. Return to Work After Layoff 11
   F. Dismissal and Non-Reelection During Layoff 11
II. Education Code Statutes

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