Pocket Guide to the Educational Employment Relations Act (9th ed., 2016)


By Bonnie G. Bogue, Carol Vendrillo, David J. Bowen and Eric Borgerson
Updated by Mark Bresee, Michele Landenberger and Anna Miller
Reviewed by Sarah Sandford-Smith
9th edition, 2016

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The EERA guide is designed for day-to-day use by labor and management in California public schools and community colleges.
The 2016 guide is the first new edition since 2011, and brings readers up to date on legislation and case law developments.
Here in one concise Pocket Guide are all the major decisions of the Public Employment Relations Board and the courts that interpret and apply the law. The Guide also includes the history and complete text of the act, and a summary of PERB regulations. Arranged by topic, the EERA Pocket Guide covers arbitration of grievances, discrimination, scope of bargaining, protected activity, strikes and job actions, unilateral action, and more.

Table of Contents


I. Introduction 1
    A. Overview of California Labor Relations Laws 2
    B. History of the Statutory Enactments 4
    C. EERA: Summary and Commentary 6
        1. PERB 7
        2. Representation 8
        3. Scope of representation 9
        4. Unfair practices 10
        5. Grievance arbitration 12
        6. Organizational security 12
        7. Dispute settlement and strikes 14
        8. Public notice 16
II. Educational Employment Relations Act 18
III. Major PERB and Court Decisions 56
    A. Agency Shop 62
    B. Agreements and Contracts 62
    C. Arbitration of Grievances 65
    D. Discrimination for, or Interference With, Protected Activity 68
    E. Domination of, or Interference With, Union 74
    F. Duty of Fair Representation 75
    G. Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith 80
    H. Exclusive Representative, Certification or Decertification Elections 87
    I. Impasse Resolution Procedures 89
    J. Protected Activity 91
    K. Public Employment Relations Board Jurisdiction 97
    L. Public Employment Relations Board Procedure 102
    M. Public Notice (“Sunshine Law”) 108
    N. Representation Rights 109
    O. Scope of Bargaining 114
    P. Strikes and Job Actions 119
    Q. Unfair Practices (in General) 122
    R. Unilateral Action 126
    S. Unit Determination 132
IV. PERB Regulations and Sources of Information 137
    A. PERB Regulations 137
        1. General provisions 137
        2. Unfair practices 138
        3. Injunctions 139
        4. Representation procedures 139
        5. Impasse resolution 140
        6. Public notice 140
        7. Agency shop 140
    B. Sources of Information on PERB 141
V. Glossary of Terms 143
VI. Table of Cases 155
VII. Index of Terms 177

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