Pocket Guide to the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (1st ed., 2003)


By Carol Vendrillo, Ritu Ahuja and Carolyn Leary

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At last, by popular demand, a Pocket Guide covering California’s fourth major public employment relations statute, passed in 1978. The Guide provides an up-to-date and easy-to-use description of the rights and obligations conferred by the act that governs collective bargaining at the University of California and the California State University systems.

Included is the full text of the act, plus an easy-to-read explanation of how the law works, its history, and how it fits in with other labor relations laws. The Guide explains the enforcement procedures of the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), analyzes all important PERB decisions and court cases (arranged by topic) that interpret and apply the law, and contains a useful index, glossary of terms, and table of cases.

Portable, readable, and affordable, Pocket Guide to the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act is valuable as both a current source of information and a training tool — for administrators, human resource and labor relations personnel, faculty, and union representatives and their members.

Table of Contents


I. Introduction 1
    A. History of California Public Sector Labor Laws 2
        1. George Brown Act 2
        2. Winton Act 3
        3. Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (MMBA) 3
        4. Educational Employer-Employee Relations Act (EERA) 4
       5. Dills Act 4
   B. HEERA: Summary and Commentary 4
        1. History of the Act 4
        2. Coverage of HEERA 5
        3. Role of faculty 6
        4. Student employees 6
        5. Medical housestaff: Interns and residents 7
        6. Graduate student instructors and researchers 8
    C. Representation Under HEERA 10
        1. Academic senate and unit determination 11
        2. Certification and decertification procedures 13
    D. Scope of Representation 14
        1. General provisions 14
        2. Specific exclusions relating to academic senates: U.C. vs. CSU 15
        3. Determination of negotiability of subjects 16
        4. MOU precedence over conflicting statutory provisions 17
    E. Unfair Practices 18
        1. Duty to bargain 19
        2. Unilateral change 21
        3. Discrimination 22
        4. Duty of fair representation 23
        5. Access 24
    F. Enforcement 24
        1. PERB 24
        2. Grievance arbitration 25
        3. Deferral to arbitration by PERB 26
        4. Organizational Security 27
        5. Recission and reinstatement of agency fees 28
        6. Conscientious objectors 29
        7. Dispute Settlements and Strikes 30
        8. Impasse procedure 30
        9. Strikes 31
        10. Public Notice 32
II. Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act 42
III. Major PERB and Court Decisions 87
    A. Agency Shop 88
    B. Agreements and Contracts 91
    C. Arbitration of Grievances 93
    D. Discrimination for, or Interference With, Protected Activity 94
    E. Domination of, or Interference With, Union 97
    F. Dues Deduction 99
    G. Duty of Fair Representation 99
    H. Duty to Bargain in Good Faith 102
    I. Employee Status 108
    J. Exclusive Representative, Certification or Decertification Elections 110
    K. Impasse Resolution Procedures 112
    L. Protected Activity 115
    M. Public Employment Relations Board Jurisdiction 118
    N. Public Notice (“Sunshine Law”) 123
    O. Representation Rights 124
    P. Scope of Bargaining 127
    Q. Strikes and Job Actions 130
    R. Unilateral Action 133
    S. Unit Determination 137
IV. PERB Regulations and Sources of Information 140
    A. PERB Regulations 140
    B. General provisions 140
    C. Unfair practices 141
    D. Injunctions 142
    E. Representation procedures 142
    F. Impasse resolution 142
    G. Public notice 143
    H. Agency shop 143
    I. Sources of Information on PERB 143
V. Glossary of Terms 146
VI. Table of Cases 156
VII. Index 172

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