Pocket Guide to Layoff Rules Affecting Classified Employees (2016)


By Maureen Whelan

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A must for classified employees and public school employers, this guide covers legitimate reasons for layoff; notice requirements; collective bargaining rights; seniority; computing and exercising seniority; reemployment rights; and options in lieu of layoff. Also included are pertinent Education Code citations.

Table of Contents


I.  Layoff of Classified Service 1
   A. General 1
   B. Reason for Layoff 3
   C. Notice Requirements 3
   D. Collective Bargaining Rights 4
   E. Seniority 5
   F. Computing and Exercising Seniority 6
   F. Reemployment Rights 8
   F. Voluntary Demotion or Decrease in Assigned Time in Lieu of Layoff 10
II. Education Code Statutes

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