Pocket Guide to Layoff Rules Affecting Community College Faculty (2015)


By Carmen Plaza de Jennings and Jayne Benz Chipman
(March 2015)

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This pocket guide provides a welcomed straightforward, concise, and practical review of the complex statutory requirements that govern faculty layoffs. It includes a quick-reference to all relevant Education Code sections regarding the layoff process and clearly explains:

  • Permitted grounds for initiating a layoff of faculty for decline in average daily attendance (ADA), or reduction or discontinuation of a particular kind of service (PKS)
  • The administrative hearing process that precedes faculty layoffs
  • Reinstatement rights and obligations for both districts and faculty
Table of Contents


I.  Layoff of Community College Faculty 1
   A. Grounds for Layoff 1
       1. Decline in Average Daily Attendance 1
       2. Reduction or Discontinuation of a Particular Kind of Service 2
   B. Order of Layoff 2
   C. Notice of Layoff (“May 15th” Notice) 4
   D. Appeal of Layoff and Hearing Procedure 5
        1. Accusation and Notice of Defense 5
        2. Modified APA Hearing Procedure 6
        3. “May 15” Final Decision by the Governing Board 7
   E. Reemployment and Other Post-Layoff Rights 7
        1. Tenured/Regular Employees 8
               a. “39-Month Reemployment List” 8
               b. Preference for Temporary Service 8
               c. Other Rights 8
         2. Contract Employees 9
               a. “24-Month Reemployment List” 9
               b. Other Rights 10
    F. Collective Bargaining 11
    G. Faculty Layoff Procedural Checklist 12
II. Education Code Statutes

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