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By M. Carol Stevens et al. 4th edition, 2017

By Bonnie G. Bogue, Carol Vendrillo and Liz Joffe Updated by Michael A. McGill 5th Edition, 2017

By J. Scott Tiedemann 4th edition, 2017

By Cathleen A. Williams and Edmund K. Brehl Updated by Brian Walter Reviewed by Christopher Platten 4th edition, 2017

by Kerianne Steele. A guide to the complex law that took effect January 1, 2013. PEPRA applies to all state and local retirement systems and to their participating employers.

by M. Carol Stevens, Janae Novotny, and Janet Cory Sommer. Covers the statutory requirements, recommends best practices, and provides the practical basics of factfinding.

by Emi Uyehara (updated by Margot Rosenberg and Kate Hallward). An explanation of one of the most significant constitutional guarantees to citizens in general and to public employees in particular, the guide defines who is protected, what actions are covered, what process is due, remedies for violations, and more.

by Bonnie G. Bogue, Marla Taylor, Carol Vendrillo, and Eric Borgerson (updated by Tim Yeung). The MMBA in a nutshell, a quick guide through the tangle of cases affecting local government employer-employee relations.

Specific to California Public Safety and Fire Employees and Employers.